Our Process

Set out below is a guideline of our standard process, but every project is different and if you would like to discuss any specific requirements,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Research and Brief

  • Receive, appraise and report on the client’s requirements with particular regard to site information, planning and statutory regulations and budget.
  •  Undertake a measured and photographic survey of the areas to be remodelled.
  •  Gain an understanding of the space, how the client wishes it to operate and grow.

Advise the client on:

  •  Procedures to meet their requirements.
  •  The need for the appointment of consultants.
  •  Methods of contracting.

Design Concept

  •  Prepare a design concept in broad outline showing intended space provisions, planning relationships and materials and services intended to be used.
  •  Advise the client on:

-The technical and functional characteristics of the project as proposed.

-Estimated costs in relation to the budget.

-Anticipated project program.

Design Development

  •  With the feedback provided, prepare a design showing:
    •  Space provisions.
    •  Planning relationships.
    •  Standards of materials intended to be used.
    •  Sample material proposals.
    •  Standards and suitability of services, in sufficient detail, to enable the concept to be approved by yourself.

Technical Documentation

  •  Prepare drawings and documentation i.e. working drawings, specifications and other technical documents necessary to assist in the execution of the works.
  •  Prepare a specification document showing:

-Shop fitting detailing

-Finishing specification

-Suggested suppliers

-Lighting specifications

-Floor specifications

  •  Provide sample boards showing all suggested finishes and fittings illustrated in the document.

Contract Admin and Inspection

  •  Obtain offers for the execution of the works and advise the client regarding the award of the building contract / Obtain quotations for the execution of the works and advise the client regarding the appointment of sub contractors / contractors.
  •  Prepare contract documentation and arrange the signing thereof.
  •  Administer and perform the duties assigned to the interior designer in the building contract.
  •  Provide the client with as-built drawing, certificates, relevant technical data and guarantees from suppliers on completion of the works.