About Us

MARIANO ROSSOUW is an interior design studio based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Founded in 2011 by Tony Mariano and Danie Rossouw, both award winning graduates from the KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London.

Having gained extensive design experience in Europe and the USA, working for prestigious design studios in London and New York, they have combined their creative skills and brought their passion and knowledge of design to Cape Town.

In 2013 their team was joined by Amie Bishop, an interior design graduate from BHC Design School. Her creative talent is complemented by her extensive CAD skills and experience in the industry.

We provide interior design and interior architectural design services for residential, commercial and hospitality projects, maximising the interaction between our clients’ budget and our design skills.

Passionate about innovative design, we develop and personalise spaces that react seamlessly to our clients’ requirements, and brands.

Mariano Rossouw always strives to add value to and optimise our clients’ investments.

We place absolute importance on understanding the specific needs and wishes of our clients,.

Furthermore, we aim to promote and fine tune individual taste – creating a coherent design language that reflects our clients’ history and personality.

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Our Design Manifesto

  • We believe in the joy of creativity and passionate design.
  • We believe in keeping an eye on trends, while still creating timeless Interiors.
  • We believe that when it comes to decorating, the wife is always right. Unless the husband is gay.
  • We believe your home should make you happy, and you should love your work space.
  • We believe in our muses: Johanathan Adler, David Collins, Kelly Wheastler, Christiaan Liagre and Zaha Hadid.
  • We believe that grey is a colour and in the innate elegance of black and white.
  • We believe our lighting will make you look younger, our mirrors will make you look thinner and our interiors will make you look glamorous.
  • We believe celebrities should pay full price… especially Victoria Beckham.
  • We believe in personal, bold, innovative and chic style.
  • We believe you are the space you live in.
  • We believe that colours can’t clash… and blue goes with green.
  • We believe in irreverent luxury and enduring comfort.
  • We believe in local is lekker, sustainable design and in reducing your carbon foot print.
  • We believe in eclecticism, sunset drives on Signal Hill , drift wood, raw concrete and exposed beams.
  • We believe in worn Chesterfield sofas, Jamie Oliver’s cuisine, Chanel and espresso macchiato.
  • We believe in happy, smiley, satisfied clients.